On November the 8th, the Faculty of Business, Management and Economics of the University of Latvia organizes a guest lecture on Examples of Economic Diplomacy in Indo-Pacific Region. The online guest lecture will be given by PhD Daniel Peterson.

He will present his latest findings already shared on the 12th conference of the European Association for Southeast Asian Studies that was held in June 2022 at École des hautes études en sciences sociales and Campus Condorcet, Paris, France. The guest lecture gives a unique opportunity to listen to world class expert on the Indo-Pacific Region and deepen the knowledge on economic diplomacy and Indo-Pacific region in general. Mr Peterson will join us online from London.

Daniel Peterson is the author of ‘Islam, Blasphemy, and Human Rights in Indonesia: The Trial of Ahok’ (Routledge, 2020). He completed his PhD in 2019 and has since completed a visiting fellowship at the KITLV Leiden (2020-21), as well as a research fellowship investigating the Indonesia-China bilateral relationship at the Alfred Deakin Institute, Deakin University (2021-22). He is now teaching political Islam at King’s College London and conducting research into China and Southeast Asia at Queen Mary University of London. Daniel is also a qualified lawyer and Associate of the Centre for Indonesian Law, Islam and Society at the University of Melbourne.

Join the online lecture: https://bbb.lu.lv/b/ine-e9a-y4f-v6j