The 73rd Annual Conference of the University of Latvia

University of Latvia every January-February organizes scientific conference in all 13 faculties. There are planned 10 plenary sessions and 156 sessions with more than 1500 papers in 2015. The Faculty of Business, Management and Economics organizes plenary session "Economics. Management. Demographics" on 13 February and 16 sessions during period from 28 January until 27 February. The aim of the conference is to present and discuss the research results of colleagues from different universities and research institutions as well as students. In this conference we continue the ongoing discussion about the interaction between research results and their practical applications, necessity for new studies.

All interested persons are invited to participate - students, teachers and researchers from all Latvian universities and research institutions, companies and organizations, as well as guests from other countries in international conference section “Impact of Globalization to National Economies and Business”. 

The conference sessions:

28.01.2015 Impact of Globalization to National Economies and Business (in English)

29.01.2015 Marketing and Logistics

30.01.2015 EU Digital Single Market Development: Opportunities and Challenges

30.01.2015 Statistics in practice, studies and science

02.02.2015 Latvian economic development problems and solutions

05.02.2015 Public Sector Administration and Economics

06.02.2015 Topical directions in business management improvement 

10.02.2015 Financing for SMEs: Challenges and Prospects

10.02.2015 Panel Discussion Challenges for the new geo-political circumstances (crisis in Ukraine, the EU and Russia sanctions) with live-stream on the UL website

12.02.2015 Business Information Management

13.02.2015 Various aspects of management science and business development  

13.02.2015 Accountancy, analysis, audit

20.02.2015 Current Issues in Tourism Research in the Baltic Countries

20.02.2015 Competitiveness of Latvian enterprises in foreign markets (state funded research project EKOSOC Nr. 5.2.1)

25.02.2015 Methodological issues of econometric models 

27.02.2015 A role of demography in the sustainable development of country and its regions (state funded research project EKOSOC Nr. 5.2.4)

Deatailed conference programme in Latvian is available here.