Study process organization for international students and students enrolled in English taught programmes in Autumn 2021 semester

Due to uncertain situation, it has been decided that, at the Faculty of Business, Management and Economics students enrolled in English taught programmes will start studies via online.

Online study process will be organized from beginning of lectures (06.09.2021) until 01.10.2021 to ensure that all international students can return to Riga.

Due to immigration process and formalities for 1st year, 1st semester international students study process will be organized online until 31.10.2021.


Bachelor and Master theses defence 2020 spring - Zoom instructions and guidelines for students

If you are interested in joining the online bachelor or master theses defense on the Zoom platform. Please write to e-mail: indicating the name, surname and defense you want to watch.


Keep track of possible changes!

E-Studies and Teams guide for students

Bachelor study programmes

Information for the full time 1st year students of BD professional programme Industrial Engineering students - the lecture of course Legal system and the most important aspects of labour law (lect. M. Slavinskis) 12.03.2020. 14:30-16:00 is moved to room 318 (from 423).

207AP Industrial Engineering full time


2021./2022. ac. year autumn schedule (06.09.2021.-23.12.2021.)

Lectures of course Human Development Concept are moved: 
1.) from 07.10.2021. 16:30-18:00 to 23.09.2021. 12:30-14:00 – MS Teams, 
2.) from 14.10.2021. 16:30-18:00 to 30.09.2021. 12:30-14:00 – MS Teams.

Lectures of course Private International Law are moved: 
1.) from 13.10.2021. 12:30-16:00 to 25.10.2021. 10:30-14:00 room 225 (lect. E. Siliņa). 
2.) from 14.10.2021. 12:30-16:00 to 18.10.2021. 10:30-14:00 room 225 (lect. K. Salmgrieze).

International Economics and Commercial Diplomacy full time


Master's study programmes