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The student council is a voluntary student organization that represents the interests of the students of the Faculty of Business, Management and Economics of the University of Latvia. Student council enriches students' life, making it more colorful, positive, and rich in cultural events, while also representing students in academic matters. Participation in the Faculty of Business, Management and Economics Student council (FBME SC) adds additional value to studies. It is an opportunity to learn in an informal atmosphere - by participating in the UL Student Council, as well as practicing what you study, organizing events or showing some other talent of yours. Any student is welcome at FBME SC throughout the year to join and participate, to ask for help or advice.

FMBE SC members work not only in the council and the faculty, but also in various institutions of the University of Latvia, representing the interests of students in them.

Wishing you a successful study experience, Your Student council of the Faculty of Business, Management and Economics of the UL!


Write an e-mail to info@bvef.lv, including your motivation to join the Student council and your contact information. After receiving the application, we will contact you.


- ACADEMIC AFFAIRS DEPARTMENT - listens to students' academic problems, suggestions, and comments. Defends the interests of students, maintains active communication with the faculty, and promotes the flow of academic information in both directions.

- MARKETING DEPARTMENT - responsible for maintaining social networks of FBME SC, overall visual image, councils’ representation, as well as developing various ideas in cooperation with other directions.

- SPONSORSHIP DEPARTMENT- maintains long-term relations, cooperates with other UL faculties, looks for new long-term cooperation partners, and also takes care that there are pleasant surprises from our cooperation partners at each of our events.

- INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS DEPARTMENT - defends the interests of foreign students studying at the faculty, creates unifying events for foreign and domestic students, provides international social network content so that everyone is informed.


President – Madara Balode, e-mail: madara.balode@bvef.lv; tel. no. +371 22839453.

Vice-President for Internal Affairs - Gustavs Pļevoks, e-mail: gustavs.plevoks@bvef.lv; tel. no. +371 25657801.

Vice-President for External Affairs - Filips Vikmanis e-mail: filips.vikmanis@bvef.lv; tel. no. +371 27780262.

Head of Academic Affairs- Rihards Karabeško, e-mail: rihards.karabesko@bvef.lv; tel. no. +371 28758295.

Head of Marketing Department - Laura Lukina, e-mail: lauralukina13@gmail.com; tel. no. +371 26051034.

Head of Sponsorhip Department - Rihards Vērpējs, e-mail: rihardsverpejs@gmail.com; tel. no. +371 28388575.

Secretary - Ieva Stankeviča, e-mail: ieva.stankevica@bvef.lv; tel. no. +371 29142120.