On November 28, a guest lecture by Elīna Raģe, Senior economist of the Management Secretariat and International Relations Department of the Bank of Latvia, will take place. Join the lecture: https://bbb.lu.lv/b/ine-kmp-ivx-5hq

The Covid-19 crisis highlighted the need to develop the economic independence of the European Union as a counterweight to the dominance of the United States and China, while the Russian invasion of Ukraine reminded of the importance of energy independence. In this lecture, we will examine what is the concept of 'open strategic autonomy', often used by European politicians, and why it is important, paying more attention to the international role of the euro. Let's ask why we always pay for crude oil in dollars, and why Russia wants to pay for gas in rubles? Can crypto-assets undermine the role of the euro as the world's second most important currency? What is the Bank of Latvia doing to strengthen our autonomy (in the field of payments)?