On December 12, Edīte Gailiša, Chief payment and financial market analyst of the Payment Systems Policy Department of the Payment Systems Department of the Bank of Latvia, will give a guest lecture. Join the lecture: https://bbb.lu.lv/b/ine-cpy-vgp-b4t

What exactly is a payment? What are the latest developments in payment technology? How have payments evolved over the past 25 years? These are important questions that we will consider in the lecture. We will also analyze how we will probably shop in the near future, and we will discuss which of the considered payment methods are acceptable and will most likely be introduced in Latvia as well. When looking at the digital transformation of payments, we must also talk about how money changes - let's understand together what is the difference between crypto-assets and stable cryptocurrencies, as well as evaluate the motivation why digital currencies of central banks are needed. Finally, let's talk about the role of the Bank of Latvia in the development of payments.