Apply for study and internship abroad under the ERASMUS+ programme. Exchanges and internships are a great opportunity for students to spend time at one of the partner universities in Europe and elsewhere in the world, gaining unforgettable experiences, expand their horizons, make new friends from around the world, and improve their language skills.

At the moment Faculty of Business, management and economics (the FBME) has signed more than 140 ERASMUS+ bilateral agreements in 27 countries. Within ERASMUS+ program University of Latvia can offer scholarship for 2 - 12 months long study period in one of Partner Universities.

Additional application for ERASMUS+ exchange studies within  Spring semester 2021 is open from September 6th till October 3rd (23:59)

ERASMUS+ exchange studies (Europe countries)

The Faculty of Business, management and economics (the FBME) of the University of Latvia offers to students participate also in ERASMUS+ traineeship mobility. ERASMUS+ traineeship might be 2 – 4 months long mobility to European Host institution with grant from European Commission.

Apply for ERASMUS+ traineeship mobility for 2021/2022 academic year, mobility may be implemented till 30.09.2022.

ERASMUS+ traineeships (Europe countries)