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The MBA study programme "International Business (with Specialization in Export Management)" is designed to meet the requirements of a businessperson on a global scale and to address managerial issues that are relevant to implementation of trade across the national boundaries necessary for a successful adaptation and competition in the global market. The program concentrates on the more detailed aspects of international marketing, management and finance.
Students have a unique opportunity to receive a second diploma by studying in France, at the University Paris-Est-Créteil. They have a prospect to study in an international environment, where guest lecturers with eminent international business experience are involved in teaching.
Study language is English.


Study programme director prof. Baiba Šavriņa

Professor of FBME is two study programs director - professional master's study program in International Business, which was one of the first of this type of programs in Latvian, as well as the doctoral program module Global management and leadershipc for foreign students. Professor has a large international experience, a doctoral degree in economics she obtained in France, now she participates in many international research projects. She regulary holds a lecture cycles in foreign universities.

room 336, e-mail: 



2 years. Lectures take place 2–4 days per week during evenings and on Saturdays.


State Support to the Entrepreneurship and Export, International Business Economics, International Financial Business Environment, Multinational Enterprise and the Global Economy, Quantitative Methods of Decision Making etc., internship, master thesis; Internship is divided into 4 parts an option to pass the main part of internship during the summer.


Internships can be organised in a variety of institutions: an institution whose practical activity is related to international business; in a company, which is planning to initiate external economic activity, in a Latvian company based abroad, in a foreign enterprise, in an embassy or a consular office.
The opportunity to address practical tasks and become involved in international activities teaches students to work within an international environment, express their opinion and substantiate their position. The skills required to carry out research and to develop scientific work are also boosted within the program and can be used in creation of actual research on entrepreneurship, strategies, models, predicting and evaluating of alternative scenarios.
Doctoral students from the doctoral studies’ module Global Management and Leadership are involved in teaching – they are specialists from abroad with a notable business experience.


As a result of a successful mastering of the study program, the students obtain the capacity to apply theoretical knowledge in practice and the graduates are able to prove themselves as qualified, creative and professional managers. Consequently, the students have a good comprehension of the various aspects that characterise modern economy, connections among them, are capable to evaluate the significance of different economic agents affecting each other. Accordingly, their professional competence is useful in the enterprises involved either in international economic activities in Latvia or abroad.
The graduates can continue their studies to obtain a doctorate degree.

“I must admit that before setting my foot in Latvia I knew nothing about the country. I was, however, happily surprised to discover a vibrant and culturally rich environment. I joined the University of Latvia with the goal to explore new ways of learning, and above all, the professional Master’s degree in Business Administration has provided me with what I can literally call an international education. Professors and professionals from all over the world, e.g., United States, France, Italy, Austria, not only teach you but also share their own experience. Participating in realistic case assignments and events such as international conferences and videoconferences, was also a good way to share and put into practice what had been learned and observed. At the end of the two-year study period, this has been quite a challenging, rewarding experience, and a huge opportunity for personal growth and development, not to mention obtaining a large contact list from worldwide student participants.”

Graduate Lionel Garçon, France

“This program is a fantastic opportunity to acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge in International Business in friendly, multicultural and professional environment. Studying with people from all around the world and attending lectures of both local and foreign experts is an amazing experience, and for any student aspiring to be successful and gain expertise in this field it’s exactly what is needed. Attending this program at the Faculty of Economics of University of Latvia will give you all the knowledge needed to become an excellent businessperson on a global level, understand processes and lead the company in a best possible manner!”

Graduate Maja Jaredic, Montenegro


Full-time studies – 2150 € per year.

Admission requirements

1. Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or a diploma proving equivalent level of education from an institution of higher education in Economics, Business Administration, or in other Social Sciences or related sciences: Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Information Technology, Physics or Engineering;

2. English language proficiency.

3. At least two years of professional experience in business or economics (detailed description of your professional activity must be included in your CV);

4. Pass of entrance examination in International Economics, which is being held via Skype video teleconference.

Contact information:

Programme study methodologist: Astra Zaļkalne, room 312, e-mail:

More information about study programme, application, and courses available HERE (in English) and HERE (in Latvian).