The Research Workshop is specially designed for doctoral students involved in the preparation of their PhD in Business and Finance as well as master students who plan to continue studies at the doctoral level. This Workshop brings the PhD and master students the chance to actively discuss their (potential) research issues, ideas and works-in-progress with senior researchers and receive constructive feedback from members of the research community. The Research Workshop will take place at the Faculty of Business, Management and Economics, University of Latvia on Thursday, the 10th of May, 2018 (at 10:00), room 322.


The number of participants is limited to 10. Students who are selected to participate in the Research Workshop will be requested to submit a short report on their research proposal by the April 20, 2018 to

Chairperson: Marina Kudinska, University of Latvia, Latvia

Guidelines for the report:

1.the central research question addressed (to include a brief statement of the topic and of the issue/ problem that motivates the research) [10%];

2.theory and literature review [20%];

3.research design, data, and methodology (including hypothesis) [30%];

4.expected results and summary of the evidence of the study so far (if applicable: an outline of any preliminary findings) [20%];

5.expected contribution and its significance in the field [10%];

6.conclusions, and any remaining concerns or problems to be overcome [10%].

Contact:       Kudinska (

Ivanda Jakovele (