Resuming studies

Studies at the UL can be resumed to complete the education to the certain education level in the programmes that are offered by the UL at the time of resuming studies. If the study programme has changed during the intermission of studies (new courses, changes in credit points amount), the director of study programme compares the completed part of the programme to the current programme and issues a decision regarding the previously completed courses that can be recognised in framework of the current programme. Based on the recognised courses, the director of study programme establishes the study semester, with which a student can resume studies. Beginning studies in a different programme, students can initiate recognition of previously completed courses by submitting statement of records, confirming the previously completed courses and received evaluation. The statement of records is available upon request at Student Services, Raiņa bulvāris 19, room 125, or at the UL Archive, Raiņa bulvāris 19, room 25. If the completed study courses correspond to the results of the selected programme, they are recognised and included in the execution of study plan.

Additional information and document submission: study programme secretaries.

Application deadlines: at the faculty offering the selected programme until the last working day of registration week according to the Academic calendar.

Those students who wish to obtain higher education but are not sure whether the previously commenced studies are right for them, can receive free career counselling at the UL Career Centre. Appointments electronically by email or by telephone (+371) 67034410.