The University of Latvia (UL) has been recognized as a leader among business schools in Latvia in a survey of entrepreneurs conducted in 2021 by the research center SKDS and the Turiba University.

In terms of both public and private higher education institutions, Riga Technical University (RTU) is ranked 2nd, and “Turiba” is ranked 3rd.

The survey collected the reviews of entrepreneurs on which universities operating in the field of business education are the most recognized among employers. According to the results of the survey, for the third time in a row, all TOP3 universities have maintained their positions.

SKDS executive director Mr. Arnis Kaktins points out: “Despite the tests of the past year, for the fourth year in a row, entrepreneurs have ranked at the top the same universities, which confirms the quality of education tested over the years, on which entrepreneurs have formed a solid opinion. These universities have invested a lot in ensuring the quality of education, both in the unprecedented conditions of distance learning and in communication with the public, and the results of the survey show that entrepreneurs value it”.

Analyzing the data in different sectors, it was concluded that in the production, trade and services sectors the preference is given to UL, but in the second place is RTU. RTU is the most recognized in the construction industry meantime the UL is ranked second best. Entrepreneurs in all represented sectors - production, trade, construction and services - have equally appreciated Turiba University, ranking it 3rd.

The survey was conducted in November 2021, surveying 750 entrepreneurs from various industries and regions throughout Latvia. Entrepreneurs have been evaluating universities in the field of entrepreneurship since 2015.