We draw students' attention to the fact that in accordance with the regulations of the University of Latvia on epidemiological safety, you are obliged to:

  • to promptly report any cases of infection with Covid-19 or risks related to the possibility of contracting Covid-19 to e-mail covidtrauksme@lu.lv and telephone 26189898, as well as to provide the head of the labour protection system with all relevant information for communication with SPKC;
  • to monitor one’s own health condition; if an acute respiratory infection with characteristics that correspond to Covid-19 occurs, it must be immediately reported to the head of the structural unit, immediate supervisor of work, study programme director, methodologist or lecturer of the current planned lecture or seminar, immediately leave the UL premises and contact a doctor;
  • not to enter the University of Latvia premises or remain there with symptoms of acute respiratory infectious disease or in case of prescribed quarantine, isolation or self-isolation;
  • in shared rooms, as well as in premises where there are persons who do not have, or are not known to have, or do have certificates, to maintain a distance of two meters and to wear a mask covering mouth and nose. 

Let's protect ourselves and others!