Establishing a new tradition marking the International Women's Day, the second annual international hackathon aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion in technology will be celebrated in the middle of March. A week of events and workshops starting on March 8 will end with a 48h sustainability hackathon over the weekend, March 12-14. The event will take place fully online and open to anyone, regardless of gender, geographical location or level of experience, gathering over 200 participants from across the Baltics.

To join, individuals need to either formulate an idea for a prototype of a solution they would like to try to build within 48h and invite others to join them, or they can explore the ideas submitted by others and apply to join a team. An idea needs 4-8 team members to be able to participate in a hackathon. APPLY HERE:

The organisers also kindly encourage experts in engineering, product, design, marketing & other fields of expertise to join the hackathon mentor family and help guide the participants during the event. The minimum time requirement would be 2-3h throughout the weekend for 1:1 mentoring calls with teams to help to respond to their problems. Calls will be arranged through Calendly to make sure you spend your time effectively. If you're open to mentor, join here: